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Privacy policy

Privacy Policy & Cookies

We use different technical solutions to improve your web experience and help you get more relevant information and statistics.

On this page we wish to inform you about what kind of information we store and how it works, in order to make you feel safe.

Information you fill out in various forms on our website may be viewed as personal data in accordance with the Swedish Personal Information Act – PUL (1998:204). We only store the information as long as it is relevant.


Cookies are used to maintain basic functionalities of the website. An example of such could be keeping a user logged in and remembered for a specific activity on a page on our site, while that same user changes between different web pages or visits another website.


Cookies are used to collect visitor data from the web browser. This to, for example, find out how many users a website has, how the visitor navigates on the website and what information the visitor consumes at various times and visits. Cookies are also used to evaluate all sorts of marketing activities and to measure their impact and results.



Cookies and similar techniques are used for marketing and advertising purposes; in order to show the right information to the right visitor. In other words, to be able to customise the content and providing you – the visitor – with a better user experience.


Basic cookies and 3rd-party cookies we use on our website:

POVGolfer – we publish a couple of cookies that we use in order to adjust the communication to your needs to enhance your experience. The cookie tells us, for example, if you visit us for the first time or if you are a return visitor, a customer or if you have purchased any of our products or services before.

Google – cookies from Google are set to give us proper statistics and information about how our website is being ranked, used and viewed.

Facebook – cookies from Facebook are set so that you easily can share information you like with your friends.

Advertising Networks – we use these types of advertising cookies to evaluate how an ad campaign is doing as well as providing the user with relevant information. Examples of advertising networks we use are Google Adwords and Facebook Ads.



We store your personal data when you fill out a form. For example when you contact us we store you name, e-mail address and phone number. At any time you may ask us to disclose what data we have stored, ask us to change it or erase it. 


In general we use email for advertising, invitations and other marketing activities. We also use customised emails, approved and requested by you, when you order an information package, send us an notification of interest or when you ask to be connected to our sales team.

You can unregister from these types of emails at any time. Contact us (see below) and we will make sure you are excluded. 



There are many different services you can use to handle 3rd-party cookies.
Ghostry – – is an example of a tool that you can add in your web browser to see what 3rd-party cookies websites you visit use.


Any changes in policy will be published on this page.